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Custom spray tans   

Our premium solutions tan, hydrate and nourish the skin for the perfect sunless glow. They are quick-drying and perfectly customized for you every time. 

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Prep and aftercare



Fill out your consent form prior to appointment (link above). Exfoliate/wax/shave/shower 24 hours before. Avoid oil based scrubs. A dry brush or exfoliating mitt is preferred. Any beauty services such as facials, massage, nails etc. should happen before your appointment, not after. *If you have been sunburned in the last 4 weeks, your tan will come out uneven and reveal signs of peeling.



Do not shower right before your appointment. No lotions, perfume, deodorant or makeup. Women can wear whatever you're comfortable with. Some like to wear underwear, a bathing suit, or nothing. Please note that bronzer may stain light clothes. Men are required to wear undergarments. Disposable undies are available for your use.



Bring loose, dark clothing to put on after. Flip flops are best. Avoid bras, sneakers, and jewelry. Pants are best to avoid skin on skin contact and car seats. Bring an umbrella incase of rain! For our regular solutions you can rinse in the shower (just water!) 8-12 hours post treatment. For rapid solutions, 1-4 hours. Use spray tan safe body wash- avoid Dove and heavy creams, bar soaps and exfoliating formulas. Gel wash preferred. Avoid exfoliating and waxing for duration of the tan. Avoid anti-aging products and acne medications. Avoid hot showers and pat dry, no rubbing. Avoid all spray sunscreens. We recommend Sunbum cream sunscreen.

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